Innisfree Skinny Microcara 2.5mm Black

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  • Coating every last hidden lash:
  • A 2.5mm-diameter micro brush inspired by an interdental brush motif coats even the shortest lashes as well as both the upper and lower lashes leave you with your beautiful, natural eye makeup.
  • Your lashes glamorously curled up without concern of them drooping!
  • The micro brush completely curls even every hidden lash from roots to top to maintain your lash look all day.
  •  For a healthy, natural lash look:
  • Lightweight airlight powder creates a natural long lash look as if you don’t apply eye make-up, and various botanical extracts refresh your eyes.



From JEJU The gift from jeju pure ingredients Innisfree, the first natural brand from korea, is dedicated to sharing the clean and pure energy of nature for healthy beauty.


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