Forest for men moisture lotion 120ml


Forest for men moisture lotion 120ml

This dewy essence type lotion with Jeju phytoncide complex helps to restore fatigued skin as it manages to take care of wrinkled and dry skin.

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1. Phytoncide complex for restoring fatigued skin
Excellent phytoncide complex from Jeju pine, cedar and cypress trees relieve skin fatigue while keeping the skin healthy.

2. Excellent anti-aging effect
Adenosine formula helps correct wrinkles.

3. Naturally-derived oligosaccharides for moisturizing effect
Oligosaccharides, called “mushroom sugar” due to high content in mushrooms, moisturize the skin.

How to use

After skin toner, pump twice and evenly spread over entire face.



FromĀ JEJU The gift from jeju pure ingredients Innisfree, the first natural brand from korea, is dedicated to sharing the clean and pure energy of nature for healthy beauty.

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